Welcome to Gunderson’s Membership information for the 2021-2022 year. We are excited to be back on campus supporting our students and teachers.


We have automated our membership sign up/renewal process which helps us be more effective as an organization. Below you will find a “Join” button that will take you to Totem, our online membership site. This will help you sign up/renew your PTSA membership, as well as your student, especially if they would like to participate in our scholarship program, have a vote at a meeting or hold office.

This years Pride Packages include the following:

  • Yearbook(s)
  • ASB sticker(s)
  • Class Shirt(s)

You have the option of a single package or a double if you have two kids.

New! For this year we included a couple options with Boosters:

  • Yearbook(s)
  • ASB Sticker(s)
  • Class Shirt(s)
  • Boosters membership(s)
  • Booster gates fee(s)

Just like the Non-Booster packages there is an individual as well as dual package.

Pride Packages can be found on your membership dashboard under donations. It is the last item on the list under Activities. Here is a brief walk through:

  • Once you click Donations on your Dashboard a pop up screen will appear asking if you want to donate. Click the green button to donate.
  • A drop down menu appears, click on the arrow on the right to see all the options. They appear in descending dollar amount order.
  • Click on the option package you want and a pop up screen for payment will appear.
  • Follow the payment process to check out.

Thank you for your membership and look forward to working with you to help all of our students and teachers at Gunderson!